July 26, 2011

Tallied Up and Ready to Go

So  points yardage has been added up and the grand total is 1,729 yards of fiber.  Yay!  That's more spinning I've done in one three week sitting than I've EVER done in all the three (or is it 4?) years I've owned my wheels.

Here's the loot again:

Here are the stats:
Dripping Fiber Studios (Etsy), polwarth in Garden Gloves, 2 skeins #1-154 yards, #2-45 yards.
The Sheep Shed (MDSW), alpaca/tussah in Chocolate, 197 yards ( comes with a smaller alpaca/tussah/bamboo blend which was not measured).
Greenwood Fiberworks (Etsy), BFL in Persimmon, 146 yards.
Freckle Face Fibers (Etsy), BFL in Purple Poppies, 240 yards
Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio (Etsy), wool and kid mohair in Sands of Utah: 106 yards.
Grafton Fibers (MDSW), corriedale in 103 Stripes, 181 yards
Frabjous Fibers (MDSW), BFL in High Tide, 2 skeins, #1-363 yards, #2-297 yards.

I didn't measure the wool/soy from Sock Pixie because it's lace weight and my meter wouldn't read it.

So now comes the fiber I'm giving away:

First up is the Sheep Shed alpaca/tussah (197 yards of 3 ply fingering weight) that comes with a smaller skein of alpaca/tussah/bamboo which is unmeasured, but let's just say it's three yards:

The second skein headed for a new home is Grafton Fiber's corriedale in #103 Stripes (3 ply and 181 yards):

This fiber is not so soft and I wouldn't wear it against my skin unless you want to do some dermabrasion, but someone interested in felting might enjoy it.

The last to head out is Dripping Fiber Studios polwarth in Garden Gloves which is 2 skeins, and it's both pretty and soft (154 + 45 yards):

How do you get these beauties?  Well, the first one to comment on the skein(s) they want gets it/them.  You can only claim one skein (no one gets all of 'em) by leaving a comment on this page only, and it's yours for free.

As it turns out, I still have some spinning to do by way of cleaning up the mess I made during the Tour, but you won't be hearing about it from me.  No sir!  I'm going to stick to knitting for the time being.

Got socks?

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  1. Sharon! You out did yourself! I'm going to have to keep my eye on some fiber so that I can have you spin some up for me! You're so great! I would say that if no one else wants the third (mauve colored skeins) I would gladly take them. I'll even pay for my own shipping (heehee!)