July 10, 2011

Tour - Day 9

I'm so ready for a break!  Tomorrow is a day of rest for the Tour de France and I plan to do some knitting because I truly miss my needles.  Not that spinning yarn isn't a lovely thing to do, it's the pace I'm having a hard time with.

Today's entry is some Corriedale from Grafton Fibers purchased at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival a few years ago.  How it ended up in my basket is a mystery to me since I don't like spinning batts, but the color was interesting.  Anyway, here it is all wrapped up:

It's about as pretty as a picture all bundled up and contained, and like I said, I loved the colors:

Then I opened it up and the beast was loose (that's a yardstick above the fiber):

I have no idea how to work this fiber.  The colors could not be separated easily, the orange is in the yellow, the brown is in the orange, you get the picture.  So I separated and prepped them as best I could:

And today I spun up the yellow to orange:

There really is no orange part of the fiber, but the 'middle' section will probably produce some kind of tweedy orange.  There's not enough of all three colors to make this a three ply yarn, maybe I can Navajo ply it by color.  At this point I can't even think about it.

Now, since tomorrow is a day of rest, I fully intend to rest by taking up my knitting needles - if I can lift my arm, that is.

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  1. That's a wonderful batt! You did exactly what I would have done with the colors. Can you leave it as singles to have a good yardage at the end?
    I'm too looking forward to tomorrows break from spinning. I'll be busy with other things, but the time I have will be used for knitting. :o)