July 15, 2011

Tour - Day 13

Meet the enemy:

I spend hours sitting on this hard little stool and now that my butt is about as flat and pointy on the ends as Sponge Bob's, I'm wondering why I don't find a nice stool with a soft feathery cushion so I don't have to brace myself before sitting.  Oy!

Today I put more BFL from Frabjous Fibers on the spool:

And I plied up the Corriedale from Grafton Fibers:

And then I got that fiber ready for the bath, but it hasn't been bathed yet so it's still a little 'curly':

I wonder what will happen to the yellow when it soaks with the brown.  More of the issue is that this fiber isn't soft.  I'm hoping that will change after the bath.

Lots of fiber has been spun up over the past 13 days and my fiber stash is going down, down, down.  I'm so happy to have spun up some of the older stuff, and even though I still have the fiber as yarn, I miss the fiber crowd in my cabinet.

Participating in the Tour de Fleece has one serious perk, a lot of the fiber vendors are offering their goods at a discount!  Woo hoo!  I feel a shopping spree coming on!  (I do need to prepare for next year's tour, you know.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh boy, that chair looks like made for painful sessions! Your Corriedale skein is gorgeous! Too bad Corrie is not the softest of fibers. My fiber stash gets keeping stocked through the two fiber clubs I'm in. There's never going to be a hole in my stash! :o)