July 23, 2011

Tour - Day 21

We're nearing the end of the tour and I'm a little sad.  Sad that my stash is going down, that is!  The tour is 24 stages which includes the 2 days of rest, and now there's only three spinning days left.  I still have a mountain of Frabjous Fibers BFL in High Tide left to spin.  Yikes! And all the while my stash is going down, down, down.

Today I evened out the second bobbin, and both of them are pretty full:

Plying is where I always run into issues.  Are the singles thin enough to make this into a sock weight yarn?  Or will these be 'boot' socks?  Not that my son will care, but one of these days I'm going to have to figure out the math part of plying.  Ugh ... math!

There's still a lot to spin, wash and measure, but I'm going to mash through that tomorrow.  Today my hands have had enough.

I knit today at lunchtime and it felt good!  I sat in a corner at the air conditioned pizza shop, munched on pizza and knit in between bites.  It was so peaceful even though there were a few people around me.  I didn't get far, but I did get joy.

Another day down, and only a few more before knitting resumes.

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  1. Oh I loved this sentence, "I didn't get far, but I did get joy."