July 15, 2011

Tour - Day 14

I haven't been using the drop spindle because of my sore shoulder (it even hurts to knit!) so I've been doing all of my spinning on the wheel.  Now my back hurts!  Oy!

Yesterday I spun up the blue/green BFL, but today I couldn't even look at it because there's so much more of it to spin.  Instead, I pulled out some fiber generously donated to me by Sojourn Knitter.  It's 2 ounces of  merino/kid mohair 70/30, in Sands of Utah from Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio.

It spun up lickety split and turned out as soft as butter!  I only wish there was more of it because two ounces isn't going to get me very far.  It didn't even fill up a bobbin.

The handsome young man holding the bobbin only posed for the picture because he wanted something.  Goodness knows when I need him for help with pictures he always runs in the other direction!

He quickly lost interest in what I wanted to do as soon as he found out that there wasn't enough fiber to make him a pair of socks!  LOL

I also made another attempt to spin 100% bamboo, but my skill at spinning does not extend to slippery fiber that's too shiny to make anything with anyway.  I'll figure out what to do with it while I pray someone has some helpful hints for me.  Help!

Tomorrow is another day of spinning, so tonight I'm going to prep something.

I was off from work this week and I totally enjoyed spinning every day (and squeezing in some chores).  This is the life!  It'll all come to a screeching slow down on Monday.  I'll be spinning at 8p and posting at goodness knows what time.

And to my non-spinning readers, thanks for putting up with all of this.  Knitting is coming soon.

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