May 30, 2011

Yeah, I Did It

Yesterday I spent the day cutting grass, raking up the cut grass, getting a sunburn on my face and arms while Miss Kitty spent the day up to no good.

Here's Miss Kitty:

Yes, she looks innocent enough, but she has taken destroying yarn to an art form.  What you don't know is that Miss Kitty steals more than yarn.   She steals mail, socks and little bits and pieces of toys she finds around the house that don't belong to her.   She takes them to her secret place which is moved periodically, depending on how often I check the spot (under the sofa).

Don't be fooled by this sleeping cat:

She's not asleep, just waiting for me to blink.  She can snap to, steal or chew through my yarn,  and still make it look like she's too sleepy to do anything:

Her latest crime, she stole a skein of yarn, hid it, and I can't find it, even though I've checked all of her hiding places.  Darn stupid cat.  I followed her around the house for hours, but she never led me to it.

"I didn't take it, Mom.  I swear!"  OK, with that face, maybe I didn't buy two skeins of yarn.  Maybe I was going to use ONE color to make a sock with TWO colors. I might be old, but I'm not that old.   "OK, I took it.  Now what?"

Oh, so you want to go that way with it, eh?  How about I trade you in for one of these:

I thought so.  Now go get my skein of yarn!!

(She's still holding out on me, stupid cat!)

May 26, 2011

Oh Yeah, Socks

There's always something going on around here.  If I'm not house cleaning, then I'm knitting socks.  And if I'm not knitting socks, then I'm out with the family - or out with the girls.  Time flies and before you know it, your computer is broken and you've forgotten what you did and when.  It's all a blur.  It's a good thing I remember (sometimes) to bring my camera with me.

Here's a pair of socks I made from Cookie A's book, Sock Innovation:

Lovely socks and a lovely pattern made with Blue Moon's Socks that Rock in Korrpi.  Looks like eggplant to me.   My socks are fraternal twins because I stupidly moved my stitch marker, but what the hay.  They fit, I love them and I'm convinced that Cookie A doesn't hate me.  LOL

These are BlackRose socks from KnittySpin.   Love them!  Love the yarn I used too, Madelinetosh with cashmere.  Woo hoo!  I love cashmere.  Winter socks for sure, but lovely all the same.

Little Acorn socks with a cute little mock cable down the side.  Made with Cascade Heritage in green - although they don't look green on my screen.   Lovely summer weight yarn and how cute is that folded cuff?  I made these socks while I was half asleep, that's how easy they were to make.

Did I mention that I had a night out with the girls (and guys)?  I've been at my job for 24 years (25 in November!) and a bunch of folks who used to work at the job and folks that work there now decided to have a little gathering so we could walk down memory lane.  What a blast!   This was the first ever reunion, and I hope there will be many more.

The Tour de Fleece is coming up - in less than a month - and this blog will (I hope) be full of newly spun skeins.  I'll be spinning with my new Trindle (if I can find it - oy!), a drop spindle and a Lendrum.  Wish me luck - maybe this year I'll win something.  Woo hoo!  I'll be watching the Tour de France race too, just so I can cheer Andy Schleck on.  Go Andy!

May 23, 2011

Ah, the newness!

Well, we finally arrived!  Or should I say my son finally arrived.  He graduated high school and he's college bound.  Yay! and whew!  Congratulations go to my son Jason who worked really, really hard his senior year and graduated with some pretty good scores on his finals and now a new chapter begins.  

My old computer died - mostly.  I took it to the Geek Squad and the kindly gentleman behind the counter told me that a new computer would cost less to buy than it would cost to fix my old one.  I was kind of sad to see it go, it was so small and compact and easy to carry around.  Gone.  Just know this, a net book is for really, really little things and will not hold 2000 songs.  Get a flash drive.

There's a baby on the way.  My niece is having a baby boy in a few months, so I figured I'd better start knitting up a few of the little things he'll need, starting with booties:

Made with Koigu KPPMG left over from my latest pair of Hydrangea (Eclectic Sole by  Janel Laidman).

Made with Socks that Rock left over from my Kei Mei socks (Sock Innovation by Cookie A)

Made with Creatively Dyed yarn left over from ... hmm ...can't remember.

Mittens are useful too, but you might not want thumbs since the baby's thumbs will never be in them.  This is some left over yarn from School Products that I made many things with and it wouldn't go away.  It's finally gone.  Karabella Yarn, if I'm not mistaken.

Now that I have a new computer that my son is not allowed to touch EVER, I just might be able to stay in business and keep my blog updated.

Coming up is the assembly of my new spinning wheel - the Elizabeth II which I've been drooling over since I first saw pictures of it.  Thank you WEBS!

 And I must tell you of the disaster of trying to spin with a takhli.  Oh my word!  I was trying to get some practice in before I headed out to SOAR so I wouldn't be the dumbest one in the class.  I'd like to apologize to my classmates in advance, because in spite of my best efforts, I am destined to be the class idiot.  Oy!

Happy knitting to you all.  I'll be back.

May 18, 2011


My computer is totally out of commission.  I can't post pictures or even post an entry.  The problem has been ongoing and started small, but I didn't take the hint until everything was out of control.

So, until the issues are resolved (or I get a new computer) I won't be able to brag about all the magnificently clever knitting I've done these past weeks.

Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later.  So you don't miss me too much, come knit with me in Pelham Bay Park (South) on June 11th for World Wide Knit in Public Day.  Bring your needles, crochet hook, drop spindle or wheel and show off your own clever masterpieces.  I'm sure your crafty neighbors would love to see your work!

Ciao for now.