July 02, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day One

I had every intention today of sleeping until noon.  As exhausted as I've been lately, noon is early.  Instead I was awake at 7:30 a.m. and remembered I hadn't set up my wheel for spinning during the race.  It took all of 5 minutes and I had time to make myself some coffee before the race started.

It would be easy to tell you who won the first stage, but today's race will be broadcast all day long and I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone.

I watched the race while I spun my fiber, and four hours later I had this BFL from Greenwood Fiberworks  in persimmon, all spun up:

It'll sit for a day before it becomes yarn, but it looks pretty good on my overstuffed spool.  I like to Navajo ply my yarn  because I can never get 3 bobbins full without having fiber left over and it's such a waste.

After grocery shopping and light housework (which should have been heavy duty housework), I took to my trindle.  Not sure what to spin, I decided it had better be a short fiber (merino) because the long fiber would take forever.

So I took some merino and bamboo in seaside cottage from Fat Cat Knits:

It turns out to be two skeins of different colors, but complimentary.  Four hours later, all I had was this:

Not my best work by a long shot, but I'm going to pray over it and maybe it'll get better as time goes by.  I have got to do something about my poor trindle arms, one of which is defective and makes the trindle wobbly.  I'm going to visit the Trindleman at Etsy and see what he has to offer.

So that's it for day one, and I'm sure I'm as tired as the cyclists.  Tomorrow is another day and another chance to do some good spinning.  I think I found the sweet spot on my Lendrum.  If I position my feet just right, it stops making noises.

I'm off to get some rest.  I need it!


  1. Your full bobbin looks lovely. Looking forward seeing the finished yarn. I too like n-ply for that reason. I hope you figure out some way to fix the Trindle spindle!
    My wheel makes noises too, but today my son said, it's a Ninja wheel, because it was without a sound, and still full at work.

  2. So nice! You're doing so well. Is that a new wheel? What's the diff between your old and new one??