July 08, 2011

Tour - Day 6 Washout

Yesterday on day 6 I was at work when I should have been home spinning.  Every hour that went by my anxiety grew, and as the 11p hour came up, I just threw in the towel.  But if I had been able to do the work I set out to do, you would have seen this:

Freckle Face Fibers BFL in Purple Poppies.  This morning I plied it, washed it, whacked it and hung it out to dry.  Not to shabby for a day of work.

It came out of it's bath looking pretty good.  I love the way it fulled after it's bath.  What I'm looking forward to is the 'sproing' after it dries.

Stage 7 which is today, will see me working up some of Dripping Fiber Studios polwarth in Garden Gloves:

I've never worked with polwarth before, but I've heard good things and I hope I can do right by it.

It's even prettier when drafted and ready for the splits:

So, I'm still in the race, unlike poor Bradley Wiggins.

Oh, and there's still spinning on my trindle which I swear is going to take as long as the Tour de France to finish!  Oy!  The silver lining in all of this - I'm on my fifth braid and we're only one week into the race.  Yay!

If I can spin 5 braids in a week, I should be able to spin five more before the race ends, right?

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  1. Lovely finished yarn! Your Polwarth fiber looks gorgeous. Such a nice name for it too. I can't wait for the rest days!