July 12, 2011

Tour - Stage 10, Day 11

Yesterday was a day of (much needed) rest for the cyclists of the Tour de France and me.  I slept past 7a and after a cool shower, loads of laundry, and heating up the house cooking dinner, I finally got a chance to sit and knit.

I knit up two more preemie caps, to add to the others I did before the tour started:

These caps are going to Tracey who has made a personal dedication in memory of baby Remy.  You can find out about it on Ravelry.

During rest day I tried to work on Joyce's sock, but even that felt like a huge job for a day of rest.  Joyce has the smallest feet I've ever made socks for and I'm halfway done with the second sock, but alas, the humidity was just too much:

Today it was back to business.  I skeined up the polwarth from Dripping Fiber Sudios in Garden Gloves:

The top skein is 3-ply and the bottom is what was left over after I was out of the third ply, so it's a small two ply skein.  I don't have yardage because my meter is missing.  Oh boy.

I also spent some time with the trindle and the day of rest did not help my shoulder pain, but I trindled on:

Two ounces and I'm only halfway done.  How do drop spindlers do it?!  I'm torn between wanting to tear my arm off or setting the fiber on fire (but it's too darn hot for fire)!  I will spin on, but I don't expect much.  What you can expect is to be seeing this fiber until your eyes glaze over.

Moving on.  I finished spinning up the Corriedale from Grafton Fibers in yellow/orange/brown.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one too.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to ply it up by color, if I don't screw it up.

Lastly, my son picked out the next colorway:

Seriously, 8 ounces in this heat?!  He said he'd spin it up, but I haven't seen him since he pulled the fiber out of the cabinet.  He wants a lot of socks to take with him to college.  Yeah, good luck with that. 


  1. You've got very productive days! I'm sure I'll never spindle again. I just don't see the thrill of it. When I complain, my son says, he'd ply for me, but he's never touched fiber or the wheel. When I say I'll set up my other wheel for him to try, he does not want to. :o)

  2. I love my sock and a half! The yarn you are spinning is beautiful!