September 21, 2014

World Wide Spin In Public Day

Did you know that Saturday was WWSIP?  I didn't know anything about it, but my friend Sojourn Knitter knew and she invited me to spin in Union Square Park.  While we were both running late we got there in plenty of time to do some spinning and to make a spectacle of ourselves.

When we arrived, the park was crowded, but not overly so, we had plenty of room to spread out.  We had seats in the shade and after getting set up, we had plenty of company!

I wish I was able to take pictures of the folks who stopped by to ask questions, especially the children who wanted to give the wheel a try (no way!), or the adults who asked why we were there, or to let us know that they thought all spinning was done in a factory.

People crowded around and they were from Copenhagen, Asia, Ireland and we heard things from adults like, "Look, they're making thread." or "They're looming. Have you ever seen such a thing?" and one man said the last time he saw a spinning wheel was on a 7th grade trip to Amish country (he was about 40 years old).  OK ...

It was a good day to spend in the park in an area that was clean, if smelly, in the shade and free of bird poop!

But, before I left, I popped in to knitting class where there were two new students and in pops Mary Jo.  She had on the new sweater she made with her own two hands - her first ever sweater and every stitch was done by her:

Congratulations Mary Jo!  Your sweater looks great and you did it all in two weeks!  She knit for hours at a time - unbelievable!  The pattern is Avocet B, a free Berroco pattern and the yarn is Red Heart in natural, I believe.

And in case you think I've been a dirty rotten slacker, I did some knitting too!  Finished a few things, in fact:

Great Wall Socks III by Qianer Huang, made with Malabrigo sock yarn in the natural colorway using US #1.5 needles - and it almost killed me to make these socks!  It took all of my time and attention, and they're going to be a very nice holiday gift.  One gift down, many to go, but I'm starting early.

I also finished the Weather the Weather hat by Megan Williams, which is a free pattern on Ravelry, using Rowan Felted Tweed in gray, using US #8 needles:

And right now I'm working on the Alva sweater by Signe Stromgaard for Filcolana, another free pattern, using Shepherd's Own wool in brown using US #8 needles:

I hope to have the sweater done in time for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  It's an easy pattern and it goes quick if you can cable without the needle.  Of course, it takes time and energy to finish a sweater, and wanting it done in time has caused me to lose track of which row I'm on - and reminded me how much I dread the words "at the same time ...".

There, another post with actual knitting on it.  Are you surprised?  There are quite a few things I've worked on and I'll talk about them in the next post.

Until then, happy crafting to you.

September 19, 2014

There And Back

I said I would be back, and here I am - again.  Who knew that the end of summer would be such a busy time for me!  I took a short trip to San Diego, CA for my niece's wedding.

The lovely Lita married the handsome Leandro, and it was a very festive wedding.  Too bad I couldn't find my stupid camera and had to use my cell phone:

So here's a few crappy snapshots.

The newly married Lita and Leandro (yes, he's wearing tennis shoes and yes, her hair is brown, blonde and red, but they're young and unconventional);

The first dance.  Leandro called Lita his soul mate and team partner, that he wouldn't be anywhere without her.  It was so sweet!

The cake topper, which I found interesting, but I'm too old to appreciate:

The parents of the bride, Joe, Lita, Leandro and Jeannie:

And just the siblings, Cyndy, Joe and me:

I'm happy to say that my brother, is doing well and in good spirits.  He moves a little slower (don't we all?), but he has the same sense of humor and as much vigor, not to mention inner strength, as he's always had.   I pray he goes into remission and stays there so we can all grow old together.

When the wedding was all over and done with, we all went our separate ways, Cyndy, Greg and family (three sons, Joe, Dan and Ed) went back to Seneca Falls, I came home to the Bronx and Lita and Leandro went back to Colorado.

We danced and sang and did all the things we could pack in to a family reunion, such as it was, but my best memory, aside from seeing Joe in good spirits, is this:

The happy reunion in California was happy and that's what I want to remember forever.