July 09, 2011

Tour - Day 7 & 8

On day 7, I posted my progress for day 6, so today on day 8 I had some progress I'm pretty proud of.

First I plied up the Freckle Face Fibers BFL in purple poppies (bottom), washed it and hung it out to dry and today I have skein:

The top skein is Greenwood Fiberworks in persimmon.  Both skeins are still a little damp thanks to the humidity, but they didn't mind making their debut today.  No yardage yet, but I'll get to it.  Persimmon is Navajo plied and Purple Poppies is a two ply yarn.

Then I got to the trindle and after spindling for a week I made, so far, two skeins of the singles from FatCatKnits in Seaside Cottage:

It seems like a little bit of fiber, but spindling fiber takes for-EVER, and there's still another braid of a different color to go.  Sheesh!  You can count me out of any further spindle groups for the Tour de Fleece!  I swear it feels like my arm is going to fall off!

Lastly, I got three mostly even bobbins of Garden Gloves polwarth from Dripping Fiber Studios:

I plan to make this a three ply yarn tomorrow and will hopefully get some pretty good colors out of it.  It was such a pleasure to spin, but I think I say that about everything.

My pledge this year for the tour was to spin five braids.  Four are done, the fifth is on the drop spindle and will likely be there until the end of the tour.  Since we are only one week into the tour, that means I have to find some more fiber to spin for Team Lendrum.  It would be so easy to quit now, berate myself for quitting, and then start up again after pieces of my body stop hurting.  Ultimately, I will go on.

Did I mention the weather?  It's so humid!  I keep eyeballing my neighbor's pool and wondering if an alarm would go off if I snuck in a little dip.  Fortunately, my neighbor Marisol came out while I was taking pictures and I got her to pose with my yarns.  She said if I didn't show her face she'd let me swim in her pool, so ...

I'm going swimming tomorrow!!  Thanks Marisol!


  1. Oh wow, it took me long enough to finally udnerstand why your shoulder hurt! It's the spindling. No wonder! I LOVE your finished yarn, so nice, and daylight photos do it justice too! What a nice neighbor you have! Happy swimming! It's going to be 40C that's including humidity today, oh boy!