May 29, 2017

May - how is it almost over?

One weekend of babysitting my 18 month old nephew, 6 doctor appointments with mom, and nursing one mother of a bad cold.  I spent most of this month driving mom around, sleeping off the babysitting gig, or recovering from the worst cold I ever had - ever!  But things are coming back to normal, and you should be happy that you can't hear me hack while I type this.

I did get some crafting done, though.  So let's talk about the crochet items on my ta-done list.

Two Virus Shawls, and I would make more right now, except I want to get in on the Summer Stripe Along CAL so I have to slow my roll, just a bit.

Since the weather around these parts isn't exactly cooperating, I had to bribe my son and his girlfriend to pose for the pictures.  They weren't happy with the conditions, but I offered my son's girlfriend a pair of socks (her choice) and I offered my son my love.  They agreed, and their cooperation was appreciated, but it took dozens of pictures to find the ones that were blogworthy.

The first Virus Shawl was made with Creatively Dyed Steele, no colorway, but it's browns with a trim of Verdant Gryphon Aidos in blue:

Sky is a little taller than I am  , so the shawl is shorter on her than it is on me, but I think it's just right.  The browns show up much better on a cloudy day outside, and it's not particularly soft, but it is pretty and a really fast project.

The second shawl was made with acrylic, which seems to be a trend at my house.  This second Virus Shawl was made so that I could write the instructions down for one of the ladies in my knit group.  Problem is, I got halfway with writing down the instructions and finished the shawl before I finished writing the instructions!  Yikes!

This shawl is HUGE and heavy and shiny!  In fact, it's more like a blanket, and I am sure I know someone who can use this shawl as a decorative carriage blanket, although I'm not going to vouch for how warm it keeps the baby.  The yarn is unknown, maybe Bernat, and the white is older than Central Park dirt, and it's probably Wintuk.  I made this shawl that big because I needed that yarn out of my stash. Truly, I did.

The next thing I crocheted was a baby blanket.  My cousin and his wife were blessed with a baby girl on Mother's Day, so I made them a blanket using all 8 skeins of  Bernat Sparkle (which may or may not be discontinued) in the color peach.  More acrylic out of my stash.  Yay!

I didn't use a pattern, just found a simple shell pattern and did it over and over until the yarn was gone.

Then I did some knitting with wool, and the first thing off my needles is the Make It Better socks.  Have you ever had one of those days when everything you tried to knit just didn't work out?  I fell into a knitting slump and nothing appealed to me.  So one of the regulars of the vkn suggested I make something up, so I did.  Thanks Simona!  I made them with Knit Picks in the chickodee colorway:

I haven't written up the pattern because I'm a lazy slacker, but when I do, the vkn ladies have agreed to be my test knitters.  Thank you in advance ladies of the vkn!

I made the same socks in acrylic - just so the pattern would show better.  I used Bernat Baby in blue for those:

I love the design!  Not to brag on myself, but they are lovely with a little bit of lace eyelets.  I only wish someone would write the pattern down for me.  It would sure make me much happier to only have to concentrate on the design.

The very last thing I knit was the Zig and Zag cowl.  I made it with my handspun from Greenwood Fiberworks in the fruit punch colorway (100% merino) and Aslan Trends alpaca in black:

If I had known how soft and wonderful this cowl was going to turn out, I never would have promised it to someone else!  Oh my gosh.  And Jason looks totally adorable wearing it, but he says there's too much pink in it, As it turns out he wants a cowl like that in a solid color, no design.  I can do that - but not this time of  year because nothing is going to come between me and my spinning.  Maybe I'll start one for him in August.

So that's it for the knitting and crocheting.  I'm going to start on the stripey CAL while still contributing to the Biggest Loser Stash Reduction KAL.  I feel a Drachenfels shawl coming on and I already have my colors picked out.

And don't forget, the Tour de France starts July 1 and so does the Tour de Fleece!  Get your fiber ready and join me and the gang over at the Moms With Yarn Ravelry group.  I have a sneaking suspicion that there are prizes to be had.

So ciao for now folks.  I'll be back as soon as I get rid of this darned cold!