July 22, 2011

Tour - Day 20

What can I say?  I'm so done with the race and the spinning and that evil little stool!  The heat is inhuman and the humidity is unbearable.  I have more fiber stuck to my face than there is on the spool.  After a short time spinning, it feels like I'm wearing gloves! Oy!

However ...

I'm quite pleased with having (almost) filled a second bobbin of this fiber:

There's not much left to spin, I should be able to finish the bobbin on the left and if I have to I'll fill another one.  If I'm lucky, it'll be the right weight to make my son a pair of socks with lots of fiber left over.

Tonight I stopped spinning as soon as they said Andy Schleck won today's stage!  Finally!

I'm going to bed now because there's no hope that my spine will straighten out unless I lay down.

1 comment:

  1. I have fiber dyed in those colors in my stash too. It's from a club, and was meant to be spun for socks. One day I'll get to it. :o)
    Surprisingly I still don't hate spinning, and have zero mojo for knitting. I dug out some more fiber to spin today and tomorrow, since it's 8oz, I don't know if I can finish it off on Sunday. Oh well. I hope you are feeling better after a good nights sleep, if that was even possible in this heat!