July 18, 2011

Tour - Day 17

Today was a rest day for the riders of the Tour de France, but what was I doing?  Sitting on that hard stool adding to my bobbin.  There's enough fiber to fill this bobbin, but not enough to fill another.  So, to keep the fiber from haunting me until next year I just keep on adding to the bobbin.

This is alpaca and silk from Sheep Shed Studios in chocolate.  The silk gives it a heathery look, and if my camera was at least 'adequate' you'd see that.  Unfortunately, this is the best I can do.

I may have mentioned that my stash is going down quickly.  So quickly that I'm actually thinking of joining a fiber club just to make sure I never run out of fiber, but that would be wrong.  What if I get stuff I don't like.  So, off to Etsy I go carrying along the codes offered to Tour participants (15% off!).

These came from Unwind Yarn Company:

100% merino in Tiger's eye.  Reminds me of some Rambouillet I had once.  I'm not overly thrilled with spinning merino, but I couldn't resist this one.

This is BFL in The Great Berry Caper.  This color ought to make my friend, Sojourn Knitter, happy.  She says I don't have enough purple in my stash.  Here's one with many purples!  I'm happy.

Last, but not least is BFL in Buttered Toast.  Yum!  It's making me hungry!

And not to be outdone, also in the package was a lovely smelling sachet and two stitch markers.

I love freebies!

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  1. Loving the simultaneous shine and halo of the spinning. Yes, indeed. The purple stash enhancement is righteous. True saying. Purple makes people perky. lol