July 05, 2011

Tour Up - Day 3

I could sit here and tell you that I plan to spin up a new braid every day until the end of the tour, but that would be a lie.  I'm tore up!  Shoulder, hip, back and hand pain, the kind you can't rub out or shake off.  Yikes!  Is it age or hours spent sitting on a hard stool?

The only reason I don't quit the race is because of my dear, sweet friends.  If I'd quit, they'd have to listen to me complain.  I'd go on and on about how much I could have gotten done if I'd stayed in the race.

So, for day three, here's where I am with the FatCatKnits merino and bamboo:

And here's where I am with my Freckle Face Fibers BFL in Purple Poppies (where's the purple?):

Before I could even get started spinning today, I had to skein up this mystery fiber (lost the tag):

It's not part of the tour and I'd say it's worsted weight, great for a hat.

I also ran out of bobbins (more like I can't find them) so I had to skein up yesterday's tour entry:

Sock Pixie's wool and soy in Willow, 2 ounces.  I was thinking this would be a great give away, but it's got a couple of knots in it so I'll keep it.  Probably make myself some darn pretty mittens with it.  I held back the other 2 ounces for another shot at lace weight.

Next year I'm joining one team.  And I'm buying stock in Aleve just for that occasion.

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  1. You still accomplished a lot. I'm not going to get a skein per day either. But that's O.K. My hands hurt too much now, and yesterday's visitor took away time from spinning. Oh well. I still spin every day until the race is over, just as much as I can stand. :o) Good luck to you! Hope you are feeling better soon.