July 06, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 4

Today I feel like I fell off a bike at 20 miles per hour!  First the humidity makes touching akin to sticking my hand in the oven when it's on broil.  Yikes!  Second, there are fewer things on my body that don't hurt (like my hair, it only looks painful to others) than things that do hurt.  Oy!

Today's entry was spool #2 of Freckle Face Fibers BFL in Purple Poppies.  I thought I'd have 3 spools for a three ply yarn, but I'm going to fall short of the mark so this will probably end up being 2 ply:

Just ignore that skein in the background, it's just there to prop up my skeins.  Spool #1 was spun yesterday, and today the bobbin on the left was spun.  I got home from work tonight after 8p and the race was on to get spun and posted.

To add to the drama, spool #1 was put up - and you know what that means.   It was lost.  I spent half an hour looking for it.  I have got to stop putting stuff in places where I know I won't find them later.  Jeez!

So, the end result is that I spun for Team Lendrum today and got nothing done for Team Trindle.  I hope the don't kick me off the team.

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  1. See, that's too much pressure for me. I joinded only one team, with no rules, other than to spin fiber from FCK. Anyway, even if you only spin a little a day, it's way better than nothing! :o)