July 13, 2011

Tour, Day 12 - 12 Days To Go

Today I didn't get much done because Mom had to check into the hospital.  Stress caused her blood pressure to go out of control, so she was in hospital from 10 this morning until 10 this evening.  She's home now, resting comfortably, and has to return to the hospital tomorrow morning.  I'm sure everything will be fine.

On the way home from the hospital I saw this:

The rainbow was so vivid!  I haven't seen one that strong since I was living in Endicott, NY.  There were actually two rainbows, but my camera only caught the one which was good enough.

Today I did more sock knitting than spinning because a sock is portable and my wheel is not.  I got in a few more rows of Joyce's sock done and I spun this much Frabjous Fibers BFL:

This fiber is a little neppy, but it still has good character.  I'm hoping I can do it justice.  It's not much, but it's as thin as eyelashes in the hopes that once it's 3-ply it'll make some socks for my son, Jason.  Honestly, any hand knit socks are just socks to him.  If these socks turn out to be thick as 10 ply, lumpy and itchy, he'd still wear them.  He only cares that they are hand knit.  Period.

Tonight it's too late to spin, so I'm going back to the sock.  Pictures will come as soon as I get further along.

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  1. I hope your mom is well again! What is it about rainbows, that make us stop and enjoy them so much?
    I didn't get any more than my 2 oz done yesterday, no knitting either, too worried about Happy. :o(