July 19, 2011

Tour - Day 18

Today I got nothing.  I got home from work at 8p, sat at my wheel and on that hard stool and spun up the rest of the alpaca/silk.  I got more satisfaction that it is gone than I got from actually spinning it.  I was hot, it is humid, I am tired and that stool was harder than it's ever been.

I should have plied some yarn, I should have washed some yarn, I should hire someone to do it for me, if that were possible.  I wish it was still light outside so I could get a good picture of what I've spun so far in all it's stages of un-doneness.  But here's the best I could get:

Looking at them all together, I wouldn't say I have a favorite color although the two skeins that speak to me the most are the persimmon and the purple poppies (skeins #6 and #7 from the left).  I'll have the specifics on yardage and approximate weight after the tour is over.

Not a bad haul for two weeks.  It astonishes me how much I can get done when there's a deadline.

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  1. If I remember correctly you did a lot more spinning this year during TdF, than last year?! There is still time to do what you want, finish or spin new yarn. To me, they all look good.