July 06, 2011

Tour - Day 5 - Help!

I'm trying to figure out which hurts more, my knee or my shoulder.  Oy!  Don't the cyclists in the Tour de France ever take a day of rest?  There were a lot of crashes today on the Tour, and today I feel like one of the cyclists who crashed.

I finished spinning two mostly even bobbins of BFL:

I hope to make this into a two ply yarn tomorrow while I pray it keeps the colors after plying.  No matter how good singles look, after plying I pray it won't look like mud.

Today at work I did some trindling:

Not bad for an hour at lunchtime, eh?  While spinning, one of the arms went flying across the room.  What the heck?  Then the trindle went flying, not once, not twice, but three times.  I think the trindle was trying to escape!  I'd better step up my game before the trindle grows legs and leaves me for good!

So, at the end of the day I have this to show for my efforts:

And tomorrow I'll hopefully have yarn!  Plying is spinning, right?

There are two braids left in my 5 braid commitment and honestly I need to pace myself.  Clearly it's going to take the whole race for me to finish trindling, but the wheel spinning is going pretty quick.


  1. I was thinking about the cyclists too. What do they do about sore bums? Sitting on ice, after?

    Your Trindle looks so big and fat, gorgeous! I hope it's going to keep it together until you are done. :o)

    It's always a gamble how the singles turn out once they are plied. Looking forward to see your finished yarn!

  2. I'm an intermediate spindler, and watching all you whiz past me on your spinning wheels is making me wonder if a wheel of my own is in my future. Speed vs. portability... hmmm...