August 01, 2011

Tour de What?

Just when you thought it was over, the spinning starts all over again.  While the tour is over (and I repeat 'over'), the spinning continues.  That hard little stool is hard to resist.

During the tour I committed to spinning 4 ounces of FatCatKnits merino & bamboo in Seaside Cottage on my trindle.  Remember this fiber?:

Well, the trindle took a little trip across town my room and got a little boo-boo.  Then at the office, an arm fell off and the bead cracked and now the trindle is wobbly - which is a bad thing.  As a result of  several little 'trips' that caused it to malfunction, I only got this far:

My poor trindle had so many accidents it was like the real Tour de France!  I was derailed!  It is a sad sight seeing my trindle wobble like that.  Now that the tour is over, I'm spinning up the rest of this braid on my Golding spindle.

The second braid still has this much to be spun up:

But now that I'm not in a 'contest' anymore, I cheated:

Today I ordered two new sets of arms for my trindle, and then ... today I went on Ravelry and into the Trindle room and learned that I (the same "I" that never wins a darned thing) won a micro trindle from Team Trindle!  Yay!  I'm a winner!  Never again can I say, my chances of winning are somewhere between 'not a chance' and 'never'.   Woo hoo!  Pics to follow when the new trindle arrives.

My DS picked some fiber for me to spin (Frabjous Fibers BFL in High Tide) so that I could make him some socks with it.  Yesterday I cast on for a pair of no frills short socks (he dislikes socks with 'designs').  Who knew he'd follow in my footsteps with cankles?  LOL

No doubt these socks will be fraternal.  And I'm looking at the colors and thinking to myself, this fiber doesn't look anything like it did when it was singles.  All plied up it became a different animal altogether.  I'm still happy with it.

Joyce's socks got finished during the tour also, Dragonfly Socks from Cavyshops on Ravelry, made with Liberty Fibers merino in Forest Walk:

I did not continue the pattern down to the toes because I was lazy, but the pattern is easier than pie to memorize.  (Don't ask me what's wrong with this picture.  My camera does whatever it wants.  Anything to punish me.)

And finally, I used the leftover merino/silk sock yarn to make a basic preemie hat, and when socks and hat were done, I still had a lot of yarn left over.

How does it feel to be knitting again?  Wonderful!


  1. Congratulations on winning a spindle! I think your son's sock knits up nicely. I haven't spun for over a week now, but I'm ready to spin again. I have a ton to knit too, and loving it.

  2. GO YOU! My luck is rubbing off on you :) Can't wait to have lunch so I can catch you spindling. I will never do it, but it would be nice to daydream during lunch....