November 30, 2008

Dear Knitting Gods,

I am NOT angry with you, oh, no no no. Well maybe a little - but it's not your fault. Actually it is my fault, but only partly yours. Pride goeth before the knitting gods smite you down.

I thought by tonight I would be seaming my cardigan. Things were going swimmingly until I looked down at my sweater and saw this:

I THANK you knitting gods, for showing me the error of my knitting ways, and only 50 (freaking) rows back. I would never have noticed it unless someone else kindly pointed it out, thereby putting a spotlight on my error and a flaw in my knitting character. Poor sweater would have lived it's life at the bottom of the hamper!

So, by the grace of the knitting gods, I did a little ripping back. It's amazing how close ripping back is to frogging (without actually doing it):

Why, knitting gods! Who knew that there was THAT much yarn stuffed into 50 rows of INTRICATE cables? I've a new found appreciation for my work even if I find your method of teaching somewhat HOSTILE.

Although I depreciate your hostility - at least you were gracious enough to let me find my place (after a lot of MATH) and to put my stitch markers back where they belong (I think).

Oh, and before I totally forget, in my DESPAIR I put my head down and heard a small 'crack'. Not your fault either, it was mine - for being upset and all. I should have watched where I laid my big, fat head. It was only my kitting needle (whew!) - my favorite 10" Takumi size 7, in case you were thinking of replacing them because of the damage you ... oops ... I mean I, did.

Actually, I think my rounded needle works better this way. And I took a picture of it on top of my working charts - the graph paper with all the little check marks. Not to worry, though. All the little check marks are gone now. I think the new ones will be FRESHER and more SYMMETRICALLY aligned next time around.

Well, there will be no seaming going on tonight. All I have to do is fight the cat off so I can re-knit this small mountain of ripped out yarn.

Thank you, knitting gods. For keeping me humble.


  1. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry. No comparison or consolation, but I feel your pain. My modular vest did not get done in time for Thanksgiving, but instead faced a similar frogged fate. Who knew that button holes don't go near the armpit?! Pass the sparkling cider and let's re-knit on!

  2. OMG, I would have cried , fainted, got back up and cried some more and then chase the cat to give me back the yarn...