November 09, 2008

Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Today Maria B. and I went to the sneak preview of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in Manhattan.

The doors opened at noon, but Maria B. and I got there at about 12:30p thinking we'd be the first ones there, but the place was jam packed! And the shelves were packed with (almost) every yarn that Lion Brand makes. The place is a pretty nice size with a knitting table in the middle and sitting cubes in the back.

It's very well lit and the store plans to offer knitting and crochet lessons, have book readings and they said anyone can work on any project at their studio. They even have computers set up so that you can download Lion Brand free patterns. That's a bonus! Like one-stop shopping.

This nice gentleman was there directing traffic, and there was plenty of that. I actually wondered if the afhan on the top rack was inspired by Kaffe Fassett but never got to ask.

I went shopping with Maria B. She loves to stash build, but her production is a little low because she has a 1 year old at home. When my son was born, I couldn't get enough sleep so knitting was low on my list of priorities. I put my needles down for years. When I picked them up again, I taught him to knit.

While there, we bumped into another Soundview Stitcher, Carol R. She wasn't there very long, but I managed to get a shot of her and Maria B. together.

After 2 1/2 hours shopping, I was glad to see John, the cashier. He was nice enough to pose with my only purchase and my half done Barack sock. He was pleased to get his picture taken, but he didn't keep his pose. Maybe I'll get a second chance at the grand opening on Nov. 18 (I think).

I took my little purchase and put it in the handy dandy bags they were giving away. It was a good way to spend the afternoon - browsing while not stash building.

Although ... there were a few skeins of yarn that caught my eye, and the store is close enough to my job to pop on over anytime.

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