November 17, 2008

Done and Mostly Done

The Barack socks are done! I fretted a bit about the second sock and for good reason as it turns out. The second sock was made with a different skein of yarn and the difference is so obvious it's downright scary.

Can you see the difference in color? The top sock has this amber color in it, and the bottom sock has none. Thank goodness they'll be in shoes. The problem was that there were no dyelots on the label, and I didn't look as closely as I should have. Lesson learned.

Nana's shawl is done. It was easy after I paid honest attention to the chart. The Kauni is a little rough, but it seemed to find its personality after soaking for an hour. It's blocking right now.

I hope your monitor shows the colors (pink, brown cream and white) better than the picture I took. It came out pretty nice, and it's going to be perfect for my Nana. It's short enough for her to wear even in bed. It's my gift to her for her 90th birthday. I hope she enjoys it for many more years.

So now I've got a hat to make to match a pair of gloves I made. Too bad I can't find the ball of yarn! I know it's in one of my storage crates ... um ... I mean bins.

It was my intention not to make handknit (by me) Christmas presents this year. I did it last year and the deadline thing was going to make me have a stroke! So this year I made no promises. Got that?

So Mom calls me yesterday and says that she bought her little foster child (age 3) a baby carriage and she needs me to knit a pillow and blanket ... just a little thing. "It'll only take you a minute. It's a small carriage."

Somebody please tell me, what does a minute mean to a non-knitter?

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