November 29, 2008

Thank You Soundview Stitchers!

Here are some of the ladies who did all the hard work knitting sweaters for Knit for Kids. From left to right are Jeanette, Cindy, Yvonne, Maria, Carmen, Carol, Renee and little Erin who didn't make sweaters, but she's a great supporter of knitters (being on the receiving end of Auntie Yvonne's knitted goods).

There are more contributors but they were not present for the picture, like little Carmen, Winnie, Nilda (who is camera shy) and Amparo. We put together 22 sweaters which is a lot for 3 months of knitting, especially since sweaters are a rather large undertaking for a group of women who all swear that they are 'beginners'.

Our next box out is going to the troops. So far we have 26 hats and there are more still on needles so we're doing good.

We're done for the charity knitting this year, but January starts the preemie project. We'll be making hats, booties and blankets for the precious little ones in the NICU. It's a great project for beginners, and the parents of the babies really do appreciate the gifts.

Lastly, I'm halfway done with sleeve #2 of my cardigan, but I miscounted rows so there's a little ripping back action going on here:

But I'm getting there.

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