November 08, 2008

I Got My Page Back!

Whew! I've been having some page problems lately. And I've been having some layout problems as well. And in the process of trying to get my layout issues settled, I managed to change my set up to HTML which I know nothing about.

I've eaten plenty of Madeleine's trying to figure out how I lost page length, how to put my page back and how to add elements in computer-ese - a language I couldn't possibly learn.

So, now my page is back. Ahh!

In further developments: my Nana's shawl. It's coming along swimmingly, thanks to Aylin. She's a genius! I know the shawl doesn't look like much right now, but just you wait. It's going to be a vision in Kauni when it's done, I tell you. A vision!

Lastly, I got high speed internet service today. Now I don't have to run through the house with my laptop looking for a signal. Hooray!

Tomorrow, I'm going to the new Lion Brand store in Manhattan. I'm praying there's nothing there that I want (fat chance!) because anything I buy will work against me in my serious effort to de-stash.

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