December 03, 2008

What the #&*@%!

I finished my sleeves ... or so I thought. The knitting gods must really not want me to make anything for myself. I've always known this to be true, so to avoid incurring their wrath I almost never make anything for me.

Case in point, I finished both sleeves of my lovely sweater. They are the same size. These lovely sleeves were the last pieces before seaming and here they are:

And then I took a good look at them and thought WHAT THE ....

Did I screw up? Is that possible? Let me look again:

ACK!!! OMG!!!! Diamonds are apparently NOT my best friend.

I have 3 choices:

1) rip out one sleeve (but which one?)
2) make yet another sleeve and hope it looks like one or the other (yeah right ... next)
3) try to seam it up and pretend there is no knitting error
(that would never fly & the sweater would end up in the bottom of the hamper for the rest of it's unnatural life.)

None of these options appeals to me. The not listed option is to lay the sweater in the middle of the street and run it over with my car, then douse it in gasoline and fire at it with a rocket launcher and beat out the flames with a big stick! Y O Y!! (why oh why!!)

OK, I'm taking a deep breath ...

I'm going to fling the sweater to the WIP pond - let it stew over its crime against me while I knit something else - NOT for myself.

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  1. ((((Shudder))))
    I am so, so sorry. That is just heinous. Here's some chocolate...