December 01, 2012


Denial is my best friend and I will tell you why.

The doctor said 'no knitting' and I winked at him and knit anyway.  I have a high pain threshold (loads of experience with monthly practice, if you know what I mean), and my finger wasn't hurting that bad.  Then on my follow up visit, he said, "It is not getting better, you need to see another doctor."  Huh?

The second doctor said, "Well, you sprained your finger and the spot where it sprained has a build up in fluid and it's separating the bone in your finger from it's associated bone in your palm.  What?  You need to see another doctor - or I can put your hand in a cast now.  And then my brain shut down and I lost hearing.

This is like a shell game.  The finger was not dislocated, it was sprained.  The fluid build up will not go away without physical therapy.  OK. But he didn't say 'no knitting' so I'll have someone rub my hand for a couple of weeks.  Not a real problem.  The pain went from a 2  to a 3 on a scale of 10 with 10 being excruciating,  and a hand massage won't be bad, provided the therapist will also do my manicure.

So I kind of didn't knit - because a garter stitch hat is kind of not knitting:

And for sure I didn't hear the doctor say no spinning.  My finger might be out of order, but my hearing isn't.  So I got the 100% merino from Unwind Yarn Company called Tiger's Eye out of the fiber cabinet, and boy is it yellow!

It's true beauty came out when I opened it up.  Wow!  How could I resist all those lovely colors:

I spun up one bobbin:

And then the doctor's spirit must have entered the room because while I was taking the picture, look what happened:

I guess he meant to say no spinning either. Oy!

Does no one understand that not knitting is not an option?  The world at large is in danger if I don't knit!  I cannot be nice while not knitting.  I cannot sleep without knitting first.  And now no spinning either?!  Oh no, no, no.  That cannot be.  I plan to deny any pain or discomfort until after the Christmas knitting is done.

Like I said before, if I willingly disregard the rules, then I willingly accept the consequences.  Gee whiz!

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