December 06, 2012

Brace Myself

Well, I'm still not allowed to knit and on Monday I go to the physical therapist to get fitted for a brace.  The good news is that I'm going to the doctor at all since I still think I can rub away the pain, the bad news is that I'll have to wear the brace for 4-8 weeks - depending on my progress.  If I continue to not knit, I might have to restrain myself against hurting folks, especially on the subway.  Sheesh!  I never quite appreciated how many people I was able to ignore when I knit on the train.  Anyway ...

While I am unable to knit, the ladies in the knitting group can.  For instance, CC Reilly made this lovely baby blanket:

I don't have the particulars on this blanket, but it is so squishy soft and pretty and has already been given to the recipient.  At the bottom of the blanket, she stitched out the name of the baby, Lucy:

It's hard to see, but it's beautiful.  And I should mention that CC is also a very talented embroiderer.  If she ever brings her works to class, I'll be sure to post pictures here.

And CC wasn't the only one who had a project to show.  Liz brought in a little show and tell of her own:

She knit this beautiful coat and the colors are so rich and beautiful, and the coat really looks good on her.  We took this picture outside of the library on this not-quite-freezing, but still quite cold and cloudy Fall day.

I really like it when the ladies finish projects and I can post them on the blog.  It's a point of pride that we all feel when we finish something, and we should be proud of our accomplishments - even if they don't have a blog to post their work on.

So here's to CC and Liz - great job!

And now I really, really, really want to knit something.

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