December 31, 2012


Every year, Phyllis from Soundview Presbyterian Church in the Bronx has an angel party for the children of the congregation.  The children write what they want on the back of little angels and the adults take an angel and buy what the child asked for.  In addition to that, CC Reilly, one of the knitters in our knitting circle asked that we make some hats and mittens to donate.

So the knitting circle provided these:

Honestly, CC Reilly knit most of the hats, but the group did make a contribution of hats, mittens and scarves and we'll do this again next year.

I read a story several years ago about a family that received a fruitcake during the holidays and no one owned up to bringing it, but after the holiday celebration was over the only thing untouched was the fruitcake. So the hostess decided that she would wrap the cake up and send it to one of her family members.  The recipient thought she meant to send it to a different family member so he packed the cake up and sent it to that person.  The third person packed it up and mailed it to someone else.  It went on like that the whole year, and the last person that got the cake brought it with him when he went back to join the family for the holidays.

The reason I bring that up is because the socks I intended to give to my son are going to be 'fruit caked'.  I just can't have them laying around the house.  To make matters worse, I was knitting on the train and lost on of my DPNs so the socks are on hold - as if they're determined to say here.  I'm trying to figure out who to send these socks to where the recipient won't hate my guts and give them back.  Honestly, I just can't love socks this loud:

So another year closes on knitting.  The year flew by in a hurry and I don't even know what all I made, but I'm sure I did a lot.  Next year I'm going to commit to making stuff for myself - something besides socks.  I don't know what I'll make, but I have lots of books and magazines with stuff in them that I want.

This year I'm actually going to purchase enough yarn to make myself a sweater or two.  I'm also going to spin more than just during the Tour de Fleece.  Those are the only two resolutions I'm going to make and hopefully keep.

Welcome 2013!

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