December 08, 2012

Knitting Frenzy

OK, I'll admit I fell off the 'no knitting' wagon.  Guilty as charged.  I failed because the same principle applies to knitting as does going on a diet - this will be the last day before I have to stop eating all the food I love.  In my case, this will be the last knit before I go back to the doctor and really get cut off.

That said, I finished one thing today, but I can't show it to you for real or even tell you what it is because someone who shall remain unnamed reads this blog.

I used Alpaca with a Twist Baby Alpaca, and US #4 needles.  It took approximately a week to make and after the holidays, I'm going to make another.

When that was done, I was doing a little reorganizing and came across this last, lonely and only skein of Rowan Big Wool Fusion in colorway #4 Baltic.

If this lonely little skein got thrown in the box it wouldn't see the light of day until the end of days.  So, I pulled out my US #11 needles and cast on the Big Chunky Comfy Hat (Ravelry pattern).  An hour later I had this much done:

And an hour after that I had it done.  And this is the reason I like big, chunky wool.  I can show this hat because the recipient doesn't know this blog exists:

Lastly, and I mean it this time, I was gifted some lovely yarn by Sojourn Knitter who is always so generous with her stash (after I beg).  Hand Painted Knitting Yarn Donegal sock yarn called Tosca:

I suspect this is self striping yarn and it's been sitting for a while, looking so beautiful and lonely, so I wound it into a pre-knit pancake:

I'm going to cast on for a pair of socks for my son for Christmas.  And since this yarn is self striping, I don't even have to come up with a design.  Yay!

Oh, and have a peek at my new Holiday knitting bag from Maria Elena's Bliss.  It is too adorable!  And she included a little notions pouch which is equally adorable.

I cannot leave here today and not tell you what happened with Mom today.  She and I ran some errands this morning and then she invited me to go for a manicure.  Now, all of my manicures are done by me, but she insisted and she paid.  Thanks Mom!  But that's not the story.

We get to the nail salon and I picked out one of the colors from all the ugly colors they had to offer.  I took it to the table with me and waited for the manicurist to get to it (the smell of the place was killing me!).  I see my mom get up and go to the nail polish rack, sees nothing to her liking, comes to my table and takes my bottle back to her table.  Now it's time for my polish and her manicurist is using it.  So I use anything sitting on the table.

Mom and I are at the drying table and she looks at my nail polish and says, "I don't like how she did your nails, she filed them too short and what's with that color?"

I remained silent, but really?! OMG!


  1. Your mom is hilarious, and I LOVE our new project bag!

  2. Lmao, only your mom.. Got to love her ¡ Hola amiga ¡