December 17, 2012


Today I put on my big girl pants and went to physical therapy.  Dr. Marianne is the nicest person in the world and she did her best to make therapy as painless as possible.

She explained to me that because I am a knitter my hands are hard working.  I had to agree because as a process knitter, it's unusual for me not to knit daily, sometimes four or five hours at a sitting.  The type of injury I sustained (flicking at a spider) aggravated an already existing problem of a repetitive motion type that is akin to carpal tunnel.  The muscles shorten and tighten in the hands and the sprain aggravated that.  The solution is no knitting.

No problem.  A couple of therapy sessions and we'll rub that right out, right?  No.  No knitting for months.  What?  My ears turned off so I can't be sure of anything she said right after that.  It's all a blank.

So, I did other things for a while.  We celebrated Erica's 12th birthday in knitting class:

Joanne and I took a trip to Best Buy where she sported the hat she crocheted:

And then I realized that the doctor said months ... as in six or so.  Well it took me a week to sneak this sock in:

And when I got home, I started on the second sock:

And then I realized that every stitch prolongs my therapy.  Every hour of knitting is equal to hours of therapy, 45 minutes at a time.

And you know what?  I feel it's an even trade.  I have the rest of my life to go to therapy, but the general population isn't ready (or safe) if I can't knit.  It would result in a personality change and that wouldn't be good.

So, with some modifications and concessions to my injury, I am able to knit slowly, painfully and amazingly with mostly one hand.

It's a fair trade.

(Incidentally, the pattern is my own so there was nothing to link it to.  Just a plain vanilla sock with corrugated rib at the cuff, two rows of each color and a solid heel and toe.)


  1. Flicking at a spider?! Good God , I sure hope it's not going to take that long to heal! The new sock looks great!

    1. Yes! Flicking a spider caused all this mayhem. Next time I'll leave we'll enough alone.

  2. Hola Amiga! Was that spider worth all the aggravation? Get better so we can continue down the path of Knitterhood (similar to sisterhood but meant for knitters). Have a great day and drop the needles not the stitches...