December 09, 2012

Side Job

I've been a knitter forever, and I'm pretty good at getting the job done.  When CC asked the knitting group to make hats and mittens for charity way back in November, I agreed.  Why? I know that all extraneous knitting ends in October because the last two months of the year are for necessary holiday knitting, right?

Anyway, I pulled up my go-to no-frills mitten pattern which you can find on Ravelry and here, I had a skein of Wool Ease from Lion Brand in Dark Rose Heather, my size US #7 needles and went to work.  The hat flew off the needles and took one evening.

Then I got to the  mittens which are easy-peasy and I knit while watching YouTube videos.  Everything was fine:

Until I realized I was . . .

Out of yarn!

So my mittens became mitts:

Problem solved.  Yay!

Now back to my regularly scheduled obligatory knitting.

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