July 03, 2009

Stranded and Entrelac-ed

Well, the socks are done and I'm glad I decided to keep them for myself. Making socks like these, with stranded knitting isn't any more time consuming than making basic socks, the only difference is that you have to be careful with how much you pull the carried color.

I should have pulled them up to the same height, but my son was upset that I made him take pictures of my feet on the front stairs with the neighbors watching.

These socks were made using a circular US #2 needle (36"), Yarn Treehouse luster alpaca (black) and Trekking XXL color #100, one skein of each. And there's plenty of the Trekking left over. I might use it to make another pair of socks, but because the colors are kind of bold alone, I'll again pair it with another yarn.

My friend Aylin is expecting her first baby on July 17th so we are only a couple of weeks away. I made this blanket a couple of months ago, just freehand, no pattern. I figured it was a good way to reinforce what I learned about entrelac knitting. By the time it was done, I was thanking my lucky stars. Boring!

Fortunately, the blanket is as lovely as can be! Made with bamboo yarn from Sarah's Yarns, 2 skeins of white and 2 of blue, and size US #6 needles. The blanket measures 36"x40" and it's as soft as a baby's bottom.

Now I must take the time to warn you - I signed up for the Tour de Fleece with Ravelry, which means that I must spin yarn every day that the cyclists ride the Tour de France.

I'll be spinning yarn every day starting tomorrow through July 26th. There are days of rest (for me), but not for YOU because I'm taking you with me through every spinning triumph and every spinning disaster.

You can thank me later.


  1. Wow! I am blown away by how fabulous your socks are!!! I love the serendipity of the colors within the detailed structure of the design.

  2. where is the "Handknit by S----- V." label on my fabulous baby blankie? Luc loves it! He could not believe its made of bamboo and feels so soft and draps like silk. Thanks again! I really do love the blanket.

  3. love the blanket and the socks. It's inspiring (well not really, I haven't picked up a set of needles since my baby boom of sweaters blankets and hats in Feb/mar).
    Keep it coming!