July 07, 2009

It's Wearing Me Out!

The Tour de Fleece is running me into the ground! I'm thinking I'm too tired to go to work all day, come home spin and watch the race on TV, take pictures, upload and blog. Not to mention dinner, dishes and fighting off Little Miss Kitty who thinks all the yarn in the house is hers.

As promised (even if I'm a day late) here's the progress on the fair isle sweater:

I got 4" done so far and it's quick knitting once I get going, but I can kiss this baby good bye for awhile. The Tour is taking up all of my spare time.

Speaking of the tour (not that you were speaking of it, but I am) here's some of the yarn I spun during the tour:

This is some merino that I spun and plied with Knit Picks Shadow Lace. There's about 400 yards of lace weight I spun with a drop spindle:

And here's the granite yarn (day 1) I spun that's bullet proof. There's about 80 yards of it, but I'm afraid to knit with it because I'm afraid of damaging my needles and scraping the skin off my fingers:

Here's a very small amount of merino. I didn't run it through the meter yet, so I don't know exactly how much of it there is, but I do know that it's softer than soft.

Here's some more merino in blue/black/purple (the purple didn't show up on the picture on my camera either), but the color is very vivid and I'm sure when it gets worked up it'll be beautiful. It took all of day 2, 3 and part of day 4 to get this far:

And also on day 4, I spun up a small amount of some blue faced Leicester (BFL) I bought from Sock Pixie and it is the softest fiber I've ever had my hands on. I just hope I don't wreck it! It's called Portrait of a Lady and I hope I don't spin it into a tramp!

All this spinning has my head spinning in circles. I should be thanking the spinning gods for the Tour de Fleece because if I didn't force myself to do all of this spinning, my house would be over run with fiber (and it all doesn't smell too pretty!) and living in mortal fear of moths getting into the house.

And last but not least, here's a story that should impress you with my technical witlessness:

I had a custom order on Etsy and the seller, who is a very kind and wonderful woman named Nicole, sent me a link so I could pay for it.

I followed the link - EVEN THOUGH the link CLEARLY stated that it would OPEN A SHOP for me on Etsy. I can read, apparently, but I can't understand - clearly.

OK, I'm not a technical genius but I'm sure that any normal person would have contacted the seller and asked her what was going on. The seller, being a normal and reasonable person would have told me then and there not to follow the link.

But did I do that? Of course not. So I opened the shop and looked for the link to pay the seller. Well DUH! No link. DUH!

Unfortunately Etsy lets you open a shop, but it doesn't let you close it. So if anyone out there has any ideas about what I can sell, please drop me a line.
And if anyone out there wants to sell me a bridge - send me a link.

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