July 11, 2009

Week 1 is Almost Done

For all of my knitting friends who do not spin, I'm sorry to say that the Tour de Fleece isn't even a week old, and there's two more weeks to go. I might be as tired as the cyclists in the Tour de France, but the risk of injury does not include a tumble over the handlebars or a broken bone (merciful Heaven!). It does include, however, a sore thumb and shin, I mean spin, splints.

You might have seen this BFL called Portrait of a Lady by Sock Pixie on a prior post:

Well, I plied it and it turned into this:

It's soft as 'budda' and is going to be draped around my neck this winter. I'll be wearing it and bragging, thank you very much.

Then I took this Forest Floor (merino/targhee/rambouillet) from It's a Colorful Life, and with the help of Nilda, Cynthia and Amparo, I was able to separate, pre-draft and bag before leaving knitting class today:

And I was able to spin a little bit of it up before my self-imposed deadline:

Thanks ladies! It's not enough spinning to get a real idea of what it will look like, but it kind of reminds me of camouflage clothing. Here's hoping it plies up into a beauty of a yarn that will be a nice holiday present for someone.

There's no time to waste, I've got to get onto the next fiber. I'll have to pre-draft alone, and by the time the so-called day of rest comes around (Monday), I'll have to finish up all the start ups I started. So the day of rest won't be a day of rest at all!

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  1. I love your Forest Floor. The colors are lovely. I have some Rambouillet in my stash, have to dig it out, because I want to know how it spins up. But first I have to finish my Humbug what's on the wheel right now, then I'd like to spin MY Falkland, but right now, who knows when that will be.
    So, I'm thinking your TdF is going really well! Also could you send the ladies over to pre draft for me? That would be awsome! :o)