July 25, 2009

Last Day

Today is the last day of the Tour de Fleece for me. The last day of the race is tomorrow, but there's no way I could get up a skein in one day. I'd say "yay", but I'm kind of sad it's over because I was really getting good at spinning. For sure I'm better at it than I was last year for the Tour.

I spun 2 ounces of fiber from Freckle Face Fibers at Etsy which I'm assuming is a gift since it came in the box with no labels or other identifiers. It's pretty and I've named it Cranberries:

It turned into a nice skein which is Navajo plied:

It's ready for it's bath so I can measure it and put up the stats on it, but trust me, no matter what the yardage is, I'll find something to do with it. Seems I spun up more reds than I usually do, I have lots of reds left to spin, and I have more roving on the way. (I need an Internet intervention!)

I thought about how it would be if I actually was in the Tour de France riding the wind with Lance Armstrong. They'd have to change the rules a little bit so I could enter, then they'd have to lower the bike and the seat because I'm only 5' tall. And I'd need a 'girl' seat and training wheels.

There's no doubt that I'd probably have to shed a few pounds so I don't squash the regulation bike (which wouldn't be regulation anymore with the adaptations stated above). I'd get on the bike and if it didn't crush under my weight, I'd promptly tip over and demand 'diva service' - a rider on either side to keep me from tipping over. When I tip to the right, Lance would push me to the left, and when I'd fall to the right, Mark Cavendish would push me back into position.

Don't let me fall off because the race would promptly end. I'm not going to harbor any personal injury - oh no I'm not! Skinned knee - I'm out. If any body part hits the ground (including my sneaker) I'm out! Chipped nail polish or God forbid, broken nail - I'm out.

But I'd be bragging! Oh yes I would. "Yeah me, Lance and Mark were out riding ..." and I'd leave out the part that I tipped over BEFORE I got go the starting line. I'd leave out the part that we only rode 10' into the race. I'd leave out the part that I couldn't ride a bike to the corner without an oxygen mask. But I'd be bragging. Yep, I would.

The injuries with cycling are SERIOUS, broken bones, scrapes, ROAD BURNS, concussions ... horrifying. But the riders can't complain to me. I have my own spinning problems: "Yeah, you've got a broken collar bone, but look at ME! I've got hands that look like the crypt keeper's and just look at my cuticles!"

It's a good thing I only 'raced' in the Tour de Fleece. I sustained minor injuries but I'm OK.

Now knitting can resume, as planned.

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