June 29, 2009

I Forgot

Oh boy - my bad!

Anonymous T, I was working on the sleeves of the fair isle sweater and got to the part where the instructions said to 'decrease every third row' and realized that I couldn't decrease because the circulars I was using were too long. I ran to School Products, bought the 16" needles so I could get the job done, and when I got home I 'put them up' until such time as I could switch out the long needles for the shorter ones. Well, at my age, "put them up" means I lost them. As soon as I remember where they are, I'll get right back to the sweater.

I spun some lace weight yarn on the Golding spindle that was gifted to me by my friend Sojourn Knitter, but I forgot that the yarn was supposed to go from the spindle to the spool so I could ply it. So now I don't know how to wind it the right way onto the spool so I don't unwind the yarn. I mean, I knew when I started, but in my rush to get to the 'bragging' part, I goofed. My bad.

No mistakes here. I finished half of the second sock and it's breezing right along. No mistakes on this sock. That's the only good news.

And then there was my biggest 'oops'. I spun this Falkland and hated everything about it. I decided it was only good enough for two things, dermabrasion or a pair of felted slippers. Mind you, I spun this up during spinning classes at Downtown Yarns and took it with me to class for show and tell.

My teacher, Julie, genuinely liked it (or so she said and I believe her) and she asked if she could have it. Mind you, I have one slipper done, but I had more yarn at home. So, I gave her the skein.

Oops! When I got home, all I had enough yarn for was half of another slipper! It's OK because Julie liked the yarn and I didn't. So, I ended up with this:

I could go on about all the things I forgot, but I forgot what they were.

There is good news though. While I was looking for the 16" needles, I found my GPS system in one of my knitting bags. It wasn't much help to me when I got lost coming home from a baby shower. Great.

It's pretty clear I need help.


  1. Oooo, that yarn on the niddy noddy is as thin as bobby pin on a president's head. You've been working it out on some delightful projects. Can't wait to see how the slippers turn out.

  2. Wow, I could use a pair of slippers just like that! And thanks for making me famous again! I love it!

  3. LOL- I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing. So you need a GPS to find your knitting?