July 19, 2009

Thank You, Ladies!

I would like to extend a personal thank you to Nilda, Amparo and Cynthia, the ladies in the knitting class/circle for their help with Forest Floor.

Part of participating in the Tour de Fleece is posting pictures of your work. Knowing I would have to post a picture of some progress by the end of the day, I brought Forest Floor with me to class and began the pre-drafting process hoping to get a head start:

It's merino/targhee/rambouillet, and for those of you that don't spin or are not familiar with fibers, those three fibers = soft!

The colors were incredible and it's hard to believe that I left it sitting in the cabinet for over a year. What was I waiting for? At any rate, most of the hand dyed fiber I spin comes out 'muddy' or blended. Not this time! Here it is plied:

And before I could think twice, it was over, and here's what I ended up with:

The most lovely skein of gorgeousness on the planet! The colors, the feel of it I cannot describe how happy it makes me that I did a good job on the plying:

Now I have to scour the net to find some more of this in any color. I'm in love! I'm going to wash it up, skein it up and carry it around in my purse for about 3 months just so I can stare at it whenever I want.

So, thank you ladies, your help was invaluable.

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