July 17, 2009

You Do Such Good Work

Of course I love the compliment when someone says I do good work. They are, however, under the mistaken impression that everything I do turns into something good and wonderful. Of course, there have been my 'off'' days, but basically I tend to agree that I do such good work. But only when I'm done. Getting there is a whole other story.

There was the day I mistakenly believed that my swift could double as a skein winder:

Trust me, there is a difference between a skein winder and a swift.

Then there was the fair isle disaster:

Of course the sweater is still on the needles, but I did manage to use up some of these quaint little balls of wonder.

And let's not forget the Must Have Cardigan with the not so matching sleeves:

After all that time and energy, I ripped the sleeves out completely and started over. Not to mention the 50 rows of 'undone' sweater, I had to rip out a front panel because of a goofed up cable.

Yes, I do good work. Right after I get finished screwing up.

1 comment:

  1. Did you manage to get the yarn off the swift O.K.? No matter how you get to the finish line, if it's done, and you think it's good, you did good work. :o)