July 25, 2009

Last Days of the Tour

The Tour de Fleece, like the Tour de France, is almost over. I'll be sad not to see Lance Armstrong race again until next year. I don't care how many races Mark Cavendish wins, Lance will always be #1 with me!

I was on a team called Hopelessly Over Committed, which is to say that none of us knew how much we would spin or even if we could spin every day, but we all made a valiant effort and did our best.

My last entry is this unknown fiber gifted to me by Freckle Face Fibers. It was a bonus fiber, I think, for making a custom order. it's soft and pretty and reminds me of cranberry sauce:

I found the yarn (if you want to call it that) that I spun last year (on the left) and compared it to what I spun this year (Starflower) which is two yarns plied together, one from Desert Peach the other from The Ranch (they're out of business now). Boy oh boy, is there ever a huge difference from last year to now. The yarn I spun last year is my work for the 3 weeks of the tour. The yarn on the right is what I spun in 3 days! It's no contest!

This yarn is Forest Floor from It's a Colorful Life, the one that Nilda, Amparo and Cynthia helped me spin. It is the best skein of yarn I've ever spun and I love it. It'll have to be a hat or scarf to show off the colors.

Here's some yarn I got from Sock Pixie called Portrait of a Woman. I've been calling it Portrait of a Lady because that's what comes to mind when I touch it. It's soft, lovely and squishy. In my heart, it is second only to Forest Floor.

And there was this little lovely that was a gift from my friend Sojourn Knitter who had some extra fiber that she didn't want and I did. Call me greedy, but it was a quick, fun spin and everyone loves the colors. So do I!

There's more yarn than this in my stash thanks to my stint with the Tour, and as soon as I get all the statistics on them I'll let you know what my haul was. I've got lots of yarn now so the yarn store won't be seeing much of me for awhile.

Starting Monday, it's back to knitting - which is my real life and spinning will take a back seat for another year. I'd like to thank all of my non-spinning readers who put up with all of my spin talk. It won't happen again - until next year.

Oh! And before I forget, my friend Aylin O. had a baby boy today, 8 pounds 13 ounces!! Wow! Details, and hopefully pictures will be forthcoming. My best wishes to Aylin and her new bundle of joy.

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