January 29, 2009

The Math & No Beret

I have no knitting to show today because the beret that I have ripped out several times already is once again ripped back down to a ball. I would blame this cold I caught from someone in my airless office for the failure, but I'm blaming it on math – again.

I've been working on Miss Mary's beret for days now. It's been ripped back so many times that I'm worried about the integrity of the yarn at this point. It's the math I tell you!

Now, I’ve considered that maybe I ate lead paint chips as a child, or maybe I’m blind in one eye and can’t tell the difference between the written words ‘fifty’ and ‘sixty’. In MY head they sound the same. I have also considered that the voice in my head that does the counting isn’t my voice. Now that’s just scary.

So I went on etsy to see if I could find numbered stitch markers . Fortunately they do have them and I may consider buying them – if only they went from 50 to 60 instead of 0 to 9.

It’s hopeless I tell you!

This is my final attempt to make this beret. If I don’t have it by Monday, then I invite someone out there to knit it for me.

Honestly, they say the first thing to go when you are older is your eyesight, but I lost that in 10th grade so I’m convinced that the second thing you lose is your ability to count past 50.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! My beret was giving me drama as well but I'm almost done now. I just did the final cable row so it's all downhill from here.

    Good luck!