January 06, 2009

So Close

With no knitting plans and with no itemized list, the only thing on my plate at the moment is the Tangled Yoke sweater which I'm making for myself. It's coming along nicely.

Since this is only the third sweater I've ever made for myself in my knitting lifetime, I'm always afraid to finish, but I've gotten this far:

This is my 'danger zone'. Usually when I'm almost done, I abandon the project. Why? Quite simply, fear.

Fear it won't fit and I'll have to give it away after investing all my time and energy. Fear that I'll make a mistake and send the sweater out to the frog farm where it'll be the most expensive frog I own. Fear that I'll have to size UP.

And heaven help me if someone tells me they LOVE the yarn and I end up pinching off yardage to make them a scarf or a pair of socks. (I've done that before, like when I turned my tank top into a bikini - for someone else).

Anyway, it's mostly stockinette stitch, easy peasy after I figured out they wanted me to add the sleeves from the top, not the 18 armpit stitches (duh!). So the sleeves were added on, easy, and time saving. I only had to take them off twice.

Sometimes knitting concepts go over my head (and then there's MATH), but I muddled through after realizing that I can count to 18.

I'm almost up the the 'tangled' part. How exciting for me! My target date is still the end of the month. If I don't get tangled up with the tangled cables, and sidetracked with spinning then I'll be finished before then.

And just when I think I can't get turned around or deterred from my 'finish the sweater mission', look what came in the mail under a fistfull of bills:

I saw about a kajillion things I want, but I will not be sidetracked!

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