January 04, 2009

Twisting & Turning

Talk about getting your holiday gifts late ... this is some yarn I spun for my friend Aylin as a holiday gift:

Since I plied it with some lace weight store bought, it toned down the color a little so it's not nearly as shiny as it was, and the color is still vibrant:

Her only request was that I spin enough so that she can make herself a pair of socks. I think I managed that because there's about 600 yards of the yarn. More than enough to make a pair of socks.

That taken care of, I decided to replace my last mediocre experience of spinning with a more positive one. So reached into the cabinet closest to my spinning wheel - again. It's amazing how many other things I can find to do when I have a sweater to finish!

I found some merino roving there, 4 ounces, which I purchased from etsy.com. I love me some merino! Once again, I sat down at my wheel and started spinning, and came up with this little lovely:

Sa-weet! I love the colors and when it's done 'cooling off'' I'm going to get a nice little scarf out of it. I absolutely love spinning and don't know why I never get to it. Maybe it's because I can knit in bed ... not so for spinning.

OK, back to the sweater.


  1. You've made wonderful progress on your spinning. Looks professionally spun. You go!

  2. I LOVE MY GIFT!!!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Maybe a pair of socks maybe a scarf. Whatever I decide to make (soon I hope) it will be for me and only me!!!! :Þ
    Thank you Spinning Queen!!!!!