January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday so I guess that means that President Barack Obama and I both had something to celebrate! I will always remember this birthday for it's historical relevance.

Now on to more important things. Tonight I finished this little preemie sweater for a baby in the NICU:

It took about 2 hours to make, but I must confess I watched TV while I was making it so it took longer than usual to make. The sweater is no bigger than a sheet of paper.

The knitting group and I plan to make many sweaters and hats (along with booties and blankets) that the babies can use in hospital. The hat pattern that came with with the sweater is huge, so I used a different pattern for the hats.

They're so tiny it's hard to believe they fit on a baby's head, but they do.

If you're a knitter, I hope you will use the patterns to make some sweaters and hats for the babies in a hospital near you.


  1. Preemie stuff is so tiny. It wonderful to make though, so quick and easy but you can feel so good about it when you give it to a hospital. A friend of mine started knitting that way. She had her twins prematurely on a visit to California. She was so far from home with these two tiny babies and the hospital gave them all these little knit hats, booties and sweaters. She took great comfort in them. When she returned home with her healthy girls she started knitting and giving to the hospitals here as a way of passing that along.

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope that you had a wonderful day and that this year will bring you an abundance of blessings. I thank God for you and your friendship.