January 19, 2009

Mulling Things Over

Last night I finished the Tangled Yoke sweater (yay!). It's beautiful, in my humble opinion. And it fits. Who could ask for more?

I read an article on the Twist Collective's website where they talked about knitters knitting things for themselves. They assured those of us who rarely, if ever, knit anything for ourselves that lightning will not strike us dead. And it's true!

Just one thing: I have a button dilemma because the buttons I bought 2 months ago are too small for the buttonholes. I have three choices here:

1) I could rip out the button band and make the holes smaller,

2) spend the next month looking for new buttons, or

3) sew the holes a bit and make the perfect buttons fit.

I'm still mulling over my options.

(Please note for the record that I did not threaten to set the sweater on fire. I honestly love it.)

On a different topic, last night my son went the movies with his friends and then spent the night at their house. I was, you know, glad he was gone for the evening (even if he did spring the sleep over issue on me), but I was working on the sweater and the alone time was just the ticket.

But then the sweater was finished and it was time for bed. I got in the bed, turned off the light and then, the unthinkable happened.

I started hearing the wind, and a window was rattling somewhere - or was someone breaking in?

and the back door rattled

and the cat (I hope it was the cat!) was thumping around somewhere.

Was that the alarm I heard? It seemed extra dark in the house, or was it my imagination? Was the power out? Nope, the bedside clock was still on.

And then I realized what all that noise was.

It was EMPTY NEST syndrome! OH my - what in the name of shiny pants ... ?

I've got a few years left of being tortured by my son's teen aged angst, but clearly I'm going to have to come up with a plan.

Cruises are good, a dog that barks is good, fixing the back door is good.

I'm still mulling over my options.

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  1. Ok...so when are you going to debut the tangled yoke sweater for the world to see???