January 24, 2009

It's All Good!

To all my friends at the knitting circle: Yvonne, Joanne, Carmen, Winnie, Jeanette, Renee, Tela, Carol and Priscilla - thank you for the birthday cards and snacks (Joanne - the shrimp was as good as I remember!) and for making me smile. You are all the best with the biggest hearts ever! Thank you!

Sometimes I think there's not enough hours in a day, and that I never have enough time to get done all the things I want to do. All of my knitting gets crammed in before bedtime and all of the spinning I say and want to do always gets put off in favor of dinner, dishes, general housework and going to work every day.

All of my cramming and fretting and staying up way past my bedtime paid off in the end, and I have proof.

I took this spinning I did a few weeks ago:

And I made this preemie sweater, hat and booties:

The whole outfit can fit into my back pocket! It's so small that my heart squeezes when I think about the little baby that will wear it. Its unbelievably cute and totally worth the effort.

And then I took an old UFO (unfinished object), some microfiber purchased years ago from Elann, and made this preemie sweater and hat:

O My! It is too cute! That sassy orange is as loud as can be and it will certainly make a cheerful addition so some baby's wardrobe!

Then, just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, look what comes in the mail from Sock Pixie:

Merino in the front, BFL in the back, love it all the way around!

And if that didn't roll my socks down enough - look what came from Knit Picks:

Nice scale. Now I can keep the yarn I spin because now I'll know exactly what I'm working with.

See what I'm saying - sometimes it all comes together and it's all good.

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