February 01, 2009

Ahhh ... Done!

I was looking for a beret pattern for my friend Mary made of fingering weight yarn and voila, Springtime in Philadelphia (that's the name of the pattern) from Zeitgeist Yarns.

Mind you, I ripped this hat back so many times I was expecting the yarn to be thick, thin and maybe mohair, but it retained it's wooliness. This is from stash purchased at least 3 years ago on ebay, and it's a little suspect.

It says 100% wool (but not what type), and for washing instructions it says, 'Hand wash in lurk warm water ...'

It's Jojoland 100% wool (garnet), 220 yards, size US #3 and #2 needles, and after several false starts I ended up with this little lovely:

It's blocking on one of my dinner plates right now, and you can't see the pattern very well, but trust me, it's really cute. (Little Miss Kitty did her own inspection.)

My only concern is that the bind off should have been on size 3 instead of size 2 because it seems a little tight. I just hope it fits Miss Mary.

After the hat is dry, I'll find the gloves I made to go with this hat and snap a picture of it all before handing it off.

I'm off to plan for a black scarf for another friend, but that's on hold while I hunt for some silver thread to carry along with the black yarn I unloading - I mean destashing.

Next, I'm casting on for a holiday gift, the first of many gifts I plan to have ready for Christmas 2009.

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