December 12, 2008

Almost There

I don't know why I opted to make myself this sweater instead of giving handmade gifts to everyone I know. I feel it would have been less mind bending to make everyone a gift than it is to make myself this particular sweater.

The sweater is pinned together in this picture, and if I hadn't gotten home at 10:30 this evening, I'd be sewing the seams right now.

Mind you, I am close to the end and I should be feeling happy about it, but the closer I get to the end the more I feel it should go to someone other than me. I can't explain it, but I'm feeling guilty about this sweater.

The buttons (obviously not sewn on in the picture or in real life) were purchased about a year ago and they're absolutely beautiful! I fell in love with them the minute I saw them. I'll hold judgement on how they look after I see them on the finished sweater, but considering how neurotic I get when button shopping this is button nirvana.

So, that's it. All I have to do is sew it up, wrap it up and put it under the tree with no name on it. Just in case someone loves it more than me.

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