December 14, 2008

Must Have Been Dreaming!

I can NOT believe I finished this sweater! I'm sure I went through all 6 stages of grief over it (I know there's only 5 stages of grief! The 6th has to do with gasoline and rocket launchers - I'm sure they've written about it before.)

So here's my newest love interest:

Just hanging in the doorway - the only place in the house that gets early evening sunlight. And if you can imagine it a denim blue (Patons Classic Wool Merino in new denim) instead of the fluorescent blue it appears to be on my monitor. It's really cute beyond words!

And if all those cables and stuff don't impress you, then what do you think of my beautiful buttons? They totally 'trick out' my sweater.

Whenever I finish a project I like to have pictures of it in a flattering light. Unfortunately, I don't have a dressmaker's dummy to put the sweater on, and whenever I need my son to model or to take photos of my work, I have to fish him out from under his bed. He's nowhere to be found, so I had to make do with what I had:

Yep, that's me in my sweater. Headless and wondering if the rolls on the sides of the sweater are the 'positive ease' I read about at the Knitting Daily website or if it's my own girth! Ha ha ha! It's the positive ease! Honestly!

Anyway, my work here is done. And now on to all the rest of the hand knit by me non-Christmas presents that I'm not making because I'm not making anything for anyone this year. They're due by Saturday so they can be delivered on time.

Say good night Must Have Cardigan!


  1. wow! I am impressed. you finally finished a third project for yourself. 1. sunsport shawl 2. those short booty socks and 3. your must have sweater. Now, will I ever see that fair isle sweater you swore up and down that you had to have? its only going on to its third year on the knitting needles! or how about that red vinyard socks? that's only been in the works for a year. or how about that orange tank top? I've known you 5 years and that you started before I met you... how many years before I met you?
    Well I hope I get to see you wear your must have sweater! Don't keep your artwork in the closet for too long!

  2. Victory! I'm so proud of you!

  3. Well Blow Me Down!!!! It is finaly done. Yippeee. Beautiful and the buttons do "trick" the sweater out.