December 29, 2008

Christmas Child = No Knitting

Little Odessa Blessa (as I call her) was with me for five days. Five. The bags under my eyes are packed and ready to go! Sleepy doesn't begin to describe how I feel. Shipwrecked is a close description though.

I am sorely out of practice, and though I love children (and I love them to distraction, believe me when I tell you!) caring for them is a JOB. I can hardly believe I raised my son alone (who slept, on average, about 4 hours out of 24 until he started school at age 4).

To my mom, who is a little older than me, who does this every day (and night), God Bless You!

My son is 15 and I figured out that I have more freedom than I realize, because in the five days that Odessa was here, I did this amount of knitting:

It's because of the amount of time I spent doing domestic work - cooking, washing dishes, preparing the next meal, doing laundry, bath time, and the bedtime ritual that kept me from knitting. C'mon! It's been years since I had to do some of this stuff on a regular basis and I ain't trying to go back!

I dropped Odessa off on Saturday at noon, and from about 2p to 6:20p when I fell asleep, I managed to finish the sleeve:

I'm not trying to say ... I'm just saying.

I also managed to get to P&S Fabrics for buttons, and found a bunch of buttons that I love for the sweater. The store was having a one day sale if you buy 10 cards, but the sign looked like it had been up for months.

I found these which are perfect, but they didn't have enough of them:

I bought what they had anyway because I liked them. The buttons I finally bought were these, nice, right?

So my adventures in babysitting ended with me making a mad dash around Manhattan: P&S Fabrics, Borders Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, DSW, Seaport Yarns (where I may never go again - long story) and running various other errands. Now I'm even more tired than I was and I have work tomorrow.

It was a full week of shopping, fun and joy with a big boy and a little girl, and life.

Going to work is going to be a relief.

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